About Us

We started this brand as a response to the disposable mattress trend which is permeating the United States. Big, direct to consumer mattress brands are selling mattresses that fail in as little as a few months. Our planet cannot sustain waste on this scale.

Statistically, only 5% of those mattresses get recycled. Most go to the dump. Flip Mattress is committed to sustainability and value. Our mattresses are built to last. On average consumers keep 2-sided flippable mattresses more than 3 times as long as one-sided beds.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to improve the lives of our customers by responsibly promoting durable, quality, earth-friendly products for the home. We source, sell, and act with integrity, striving always to provide unmatched service.

The Garfield Family, which owns and operates Flip Mattress, has been in the mattress industry for nearly 50 years. We’ve learned what does and does not fail in mattresses. Coils are the least likely part of a bed to give you a body impression. Foam is the most common source of mattress sag. Flip Mattress lets you maintain that foam through rotation and flipping, while the coils support your body day after day, and night after night.

As a division of J&W Marketing Inc. in Seattle, we’ve grown and matured a lot as a business over the last four decades. Yet we’ve always stayed true to our core values: carrying quality products and building lasting relationships. Our sister company, Bedrooms & More, is a destination bedroom store supplying the Pacific Northwest region, and far beyond, with high quality two-sided mattresses, bedroom furniture, and natural bedding.

The mattress industry was taken over by private equity firms in the 1990s and subsequently slipped into the era of the “one-sided,” “can’t flip” mattress. Therefore, J&W Marketing Inc. decided it was time to part ways with the mainstream. We were unwilling to compromise on our standards of quality and longevity. We didn’t want to participate in duping American consumers. So we began collaborating with manufacturers to design custom beds exclusive to our Seattle store. Leveraging our long-standing relationships with manufacturers, we were able to set a precedent for how our mattresses would be made and what materials would be used. The well-being of our customers has always driven us to innovate and challenge the norm.

In addition to mattresses, our other sister company, 45th Street Bedding, designs, manufactures, and sells its own high quality bedding including comforters, mattress toppers, pillows, and mattress pads and protectors. This bedding line is largely machine washable as well as breathable and great for temperature regulation.