Frequently Asked Questions

Why is flippable better?

A flippable mattress will maintain its shape longer and support your body more consistently. But comfort is subjective. If a bed isn’t comfortable, it’s not worth anything. What makes Flip Mattresses a success, is the balance of comfort and durability. Which we believe makes our mattresses better for your body, your wallet, and the environment.

Do you have to flip the bed?

Of course not. Even if you don’t or can’t flip it consistently, you’ll still get a good value. The comfort lasts longer if you do rotate and flip. But if after 5 years, you are just flipping it for the first time, you still have a fresh mattress and better comfort again. We won’t sell you half a mattress.

What is the optimal flip & rotate schedule?

Quarterly. Turn it over. 3 Months later, head to foot. 3 months later, turn it over again…and so on.

Where are Flip mattresses made?

In the USA. We build the mattresses right here in the Greater Seattle area.

How do I track my order?

Once the payment has been processed (usually a few minutes), you will receive a confirmation email. A follow up email will be sent within 5 business days, including tracking on the shipment with an estimated ETA. If you have an urgent need and shorter timeline, please call upon receipt of the initial confirmation email, and we can coordinate expedited delivery (additional costs may be incurred for expedited service).

Is there a bulk discount?

Reduced shipping costs can cut the total price on bulk orders (4 or more mattresses).*

*Bulk orders are not eligible for comfort guarantees.

Where can I try a Flip mattress?

Currently, we are not offering retail distribution nationally. However, you can test a Flip Mattress on display at Bedrooms & More in Seattle.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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