Return Policy

Wait…what’s going on?

Before requesting a return, please consider the following:

  1. It takes 28 consecutive nights sleeping on a new surface for your body to adjust.
  2. Any imperfections in the support system will telegraph to the surface of a mattress. It is always worthwhile to test the comfort of a mattress on the floor to verify.
  3. Do you know a worthy cause that would benefit from our support (pun intended)? We donate mattresses without purchases. However, if someone does not love the Flip Mattress, we can sometimes give them to a good cause (if there is one that will accept it).
  4. Anywhere between 30 and 90 days, you are eligible to return or exchange the mattress. Cost to return is at your expense. 100% will be credited to your card once we have received the mattress. If you find the cost of return to be prohibitive, providing a donation receipt also results in a full refund.

Comfort is subjective, and if you can’t sleep on a mattress it’s not worth anything.