Wool Comforter

Temperature regulation is a “hot” topic in the bedroom. A wool comforter is proven to regulate sleep temperature and reduce tossing and turning.

Softer and airier, our light Wool Comforter has a higher thread count and has more loft than the regular version, but with less wool fill. Both fill weights provide the temperature-regulation and moisture-wicking properties of wool.

Product Details

There’s no better way to experience the luxuriously healthful benefits of wool than in our Wool Comforter.

We could sing the praises of wool all day. Wool is hypoallergenic (allergy sufferers, rejoice!), it’s moisture-wicking (no more night sweats), and it is antimicrobial (microorganisms? forget about it). A fantastic top layer for your bedding. Spend one night underneath and we think you’ll agree!

Encased top and bottom in a 100% cotton cover.

The Wool Comforter has a clean, minimalistic style on its own. Add a duvet cover to customize it for your room decor. Light enough for the summer, but warm enough for the winter. The Light is 1/3 lighter than the Regular Wool Comforter. The Light Wool Comforter is more popular because it can be used year round in most regions whereas the Regular Wool Comforter is heavy and better suited to colder climates.

Arrives oversized. Shrink to fit in one or two wash cycles.

Our Wool Comforters have 100% Belgian Lambswool rinsed in hydrogen peroxide and then carded in the same direction before quilting, which makes them machine washable. They also have loops in the corners to attach to the inside of any standard duvet cover.

Get ready to get comfortable.

In partnership with 45th Street Bedding, our comforters are manufactured exclusively for us in China. Crafted to the high standards our customers expect. Our Down Comforter features a fill of 80% duck down and 20% duck feathers. It also boasts a baffle box stitched 100% cotton cover with a 380 Thread Count and ties in the corners to attach to a duvet cover.

Afraid of Sleeping Hot and Allergic to Wool?

Down in the right weight feels amazing. However, there is no one size fits all. Therefore, we have a light weight fill too. The Down Light is great for warmer climates and hot sleepers. Use both of them together in colder climates. Corner ties prevent shifting inside a duvet cover, and can be used to join the two pieces.


If you have allergies or sensitivities to chemicals, there are many possible solutions. Some people choose to use a washable comforter to eliminate accumulation of dust mites. This is washable. Some choose down. Therefore we offer the down plus down light and the microfiber comforters. All of our offerings are machine wash and machine dry.

Twin85 × 62 in

Full85 × 78 in

Queen90 × 84 in

King100 × 90 in

Super King110 × 94 in

Light: 300 Grams per Square Meter (GSM)

Regular:450 Grams per Square Meter (GSM)

Cover: 100% Cotton, 300 TC (Light), 233 TC (Regular)

Fill: 100% Belgian Lambswool

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10 Year Non-Prorated
Terms and Conditions

Machine wash the Wool Comforter in cold water with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle.

Tumble dry with low heat or no heat.