The Flip Natural Mattress

Experience the two-sided difference with the Flip Natural Mattress. The comfort life of your mattress comes down to just a few factors: materials inside, the amount of use, weight, and whether it’s two-sided or not. Because this flips, the mattress can wear evenly and stay consistent. Each time you flip or rotate this mattress you extend the comfort life.

Product Details

The Flip Natural Mattress - Designed to be flippable, problem free, adjustable base friendly, and supportive

Our Flip Natural is a great roll-pack mattress with an an open, cozy surface stitch organic cotton cover. As the name suggests, this mattress is  flippable with a terrific innerspring pocketed coil support system. It includes a firm edge N-Compass spring unit and layers of all natural botanical latex above and below for additional comfort you can count on to last.

Comfort Life...for the Life of the Planet

Disposable mattresses permeate this industry, and trend toward disposable mattresses is overwhelming transfer stations. Flippable mattresses are proven to last 3 times as long as a one-sided mattress does. The average comfort life of most roll pack mattresses is less than 4 years. You control the dollars you spend; so spend wisely. Our Flip Mattresses last longer. Because rotation and flipping a mattress allows for even wear. There is no magic mattress material that won't change over time. Therefore, one-sided beds have ruts that grow and grow over time. Because you can Flip this Mattress, your mattress may get a tiny bit thinner over time, but you can keep it flat.

The Fire Barrier is a Rayon/Dacron Blend

Rayon is derived from purified cellulose fibers. In most cases, Rayon is purified from wood pulp waste and is biodegradable. Dacron is a polyester batting that reduces friction created by foam.

Constructed in the State of Washington

In partnership with Sound Sleep in Sumner Washington, Flip Mattress eliminated the inconsistencies found with outsourced assembly. We leveraged state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained team of craftspeople to ensure consistent, defect-free products. Traditional mattress manufacturing practices generate tremendous waste. Sound Sleep's manufacturing process is 95% efficient. We are proud to be a zero-waste facility. By eliminating waste through smart technology and innovative repurposing of materials, we are creating a more sustainable world.

  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • 1" Natural Botanical latex on each side
  • Pocketed Steel Coils

Free shipping and free returns in the state of Washington.

We ship via UPS Standard from our warehouse partner Sound Sleep.

10 Year Non-Prorated
Terms and Conditions

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